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Our Privacy Notice

General Data Protection Act May 2018. 


How we use your information.


As we do not hold customer accounts, so we do not need to hold sensitive data about yourselves, we will be using your information for invoicing purposes only. The information we require are as follows:

•Full name


•Email address.

•Telephone number.


We use this information to forward your invoices on to yourselves so that it is personalised in letter formation. We do not contact you about any other products/ offers we have.


All the information we require is held on our secure systems protected by Firefox and with password security. We take data protection very seriously.


We do not ask you to subscribe to us on our website if you submit an enquiry it only comes through to our emails and we will reply through email or telephone, you will not receive further emails about any services or products.


We would never share any information; the only need for sharing your information will be if a certificate is produced for works completed and building control have to be notified.  This information will be your name and address no other information is required. They need this information so your certificate can be sent out to yourselves.


If a certificate is not required we do not share any information with any third party companies.